How to Buy

Getting Started

Register / Sign In
In order to bid you must First Register on the website by going to “Our Listings” tab and selecting “REGISTER”.

Please fill out all fields.

Write down your login information (user name, password and email address) as you will need it when you “SIGN IN” next time.
Agent Representation
If you need an Agent to represent you, please Contact Us.

Agent representing a buyer please follow the the registration process and checked "I am an agent" box.

Enter the code that is shown above the box, then click “REGISTER”.
Getting Approved
Getting Approved to Bid/Buy On The Website

You Must first be Approved in Order to Place a Bid/Offer.

Getting Approved

1.By credit card authorization

Click the “Bid/Buy Now” button and follow the instructions on the popup window.

2.By listing agent approval

Click the “Bid/Buy Now” button.In the popup window check "Request Listing Agent Approval" and click "Submit".

If you choose option 1, we will verify your identity and approve your participation by “authorizing” your credit card. The system pre-authoirizes your credit card by charging $1, but it will drop off your card within 5-10 business days (depends on the card issuer). Also, please read “notice to winning bidder” near the bottom of this page.

Auto Bid Option

You may place your bid up to the “maximum high” that you are willing to offer on the property. The system is designed to raise your bid in increments of $1,000 above the last bid placed only.


If the current bid is $100,000 and you set your “maximum high” of $150,000 the system will raise your bid only to $101,000 and you will be shown as the high bidder. If someone places another bid of $102,000, the system will automatically increase your bid again to $103,000 and so on.

If someone, places a higher bid, say $120,000 the system will automatically increase your bid to $121,000 and so on. However, if someone places a bid of $151,000 or greater this person will be selected as a high bidder and the system will no longer increase your bid since your “maximum bid” would have been exceeded.

Bidding Auto Extend

Our system Prevents Last Second Bidding by Automatically Extending the Bidding Time.

If a bidder places a bid within 5 minutes of the end of the bidding time, the system will automatically extend the bidding time by 10 minutes in order to allow other bidders the opportunity to respond.

Attention Winning Bidders

If You Are The Winning Bidder: Please have your agent submit a signed purchase agreement to the seller within the time specified in “sale terms and conditions” (please see the posting details). If you do not have an agent, please Contact Us.

Notice to Winning Bidder:

Important – If you are the winning bidder at the end of the auction and back out without submitting a contract, you will have been considered breaching our terms of use of our bidding submission system and you may be liable for a $500 withdrawal penalty fee charged to the credit card you provided for identity verification. If you did not provide us with a credit card, we may invoice you for that amount.